Stop Procrastinating, Start Doing

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Is there something that you really need or want to do, but you keep putting it off? Do you want to have that conversation, but can’t “find time” to? Are you ready to try something different, but can’t get yourself to take the first step? Are you constantly thinking about creating change and getting something done, but it just doesn’t seem to happen?

Here’s what you gotta do

  • When that “thing” pops into your head, or you see it on your checklist…ask yourself one question, “will this get easier if I keep putting it off?” or phrased differently “if I wait another day or two, will it continue to stress me out and be on my mind?”
  • I can pretty much guarantee that it won’t get easier if you wait and that you will continue to think about it (driving yourself crazy).

I go through this process each time I feel myself getting a little preoccupied or tense about something on my to do list. I remind myself that it only gets worse if I continue to put it off and that I will feel damn good when I do what I have to do.

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