One of the Best Ways To Make Connections

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The best way to make real connections with others is to put yourself out there. Become more vulnerable and you will develop the strongest and deepest relationships. No one wants to see the “100% perfect you” that you think they want to see.* They want to know you, and relate to you. They want to connect to you by seeing the true version of you.

Instead of putting on a front, or trying to seem flawless…

Try sharing

  • The things that terrify you
  • Your daily challenges
  • The hardest times of your life
  • The struggles you had to get where you are
  • What makes you stressed or anxious
  • Things that are challenging for you as an athlete

Be real. Be human. Open up, be vulnerable and make a connection.


*Coaches, it is extremely important that you relate to your athletes and talk about your challenges. People may assume that you are just great and have it all together and that it’s always been easy for you. If you always try to act “perfect” all the time, you may become “unrelatable.”

Your chances of inspiring are far greater if you share your struggles.

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