“But, They’re Just Naturally Gifted”

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This post is specifically for those of you who look at great athletes in our Sport and just think that those individuals are more “genetically gifted” than you are. Because of this way of thinking, you may begin to feel down on yourself, or think that you are never going to be great. You may start putting other athletes on a pedestal because of their talent, and therefore you become intimidated or lose motivation.

Yes, genetics determine the starting line, but, perseverance determines the finish line.

If you catch yourself putting yourself down and assuming that some CrossFitter is magnificent, simply because of his or her genetics (which means you’ll never be as good as they are)… try this

  • Look up that amazing athlete’s training habits and background  – Do some research online or on social media, to find out about how he or she has overcome hurdles, yet continues to work extremely hard (I’m 99% sure you’ll be surprised that he or she hasn’t just magically appeared at the top)
  • Use that info as motivation, and remember that you can only reach the top, and stay at the top by continually improving and that takes work. Nothing replaces hard work and perseverance.

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