How To Have A Growth Mindset – Part II


This week we are talking about the table above. Check it out & also make sure you read yesterday’s post HERE.

It is so cool that you can improve your mindset every single day. I love the idea that a person’s true potential is unknown. I want to help you move from a “fixed mindset” to a “growth mindset” and that is the entire purpose of Mentality WOD. You must realize that you control your perspective and outlook and that you can create change.

  • Take a look at the 3rd row about dealing with setbacks. If you drop a lift or have to remove weight from the bar in the middle of a WOD, what do you tell yourself? Do you say “I’m an idiot for thinking I could lift that much” or “I am a failure because I didn’t finish the WOD before the time cap”? OR do you say “I learned from that WOD, I can do better next time”

You define your setbacks and you also define how you view your hurdles. You do not have to let them define you. Change your thoughts, change your mind.

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