How To Have A Growth Mindset ? Part I


If you want to perform better, and hit new goals, it is important for you to understand your thought patterns and how they affect your behaviors and actions.

Take a look at the table above and try to understand the 2 different ways of thinking. If you can begin to see possibilities, instead of roadblocks, you will always find ways to PR and get results. You will continue to improve in CrossFit if your mindset continues to improve.

  • Check out the very first row, and let’s start there. Are you constantly trying to look like a badass and prove yourself to others OR are you constantly looking for ways to challenge yourself and stretch your limits (even if that means struggling through reps or messing up)?

Stay tuned for more tips and insight this week on how you can move from a “fixed mindset” to a “growth mindset” and therefore become a better athlete

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