Learn From The Athlete: 2nd Place Finisher in 2012

2013 Open workout descriptions with Julie Foucher

This is for you beginners out there. The athletes that are feeling frustrated that they aren’t picking up the Snatch as quickly as they’d like to. The athletes who feel stuck and think they will never Deadlift double their bodyweight. The individuals who are caught up looking at all the great athletes and getting down on themselves for being a beginner.

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If you didn’t know, Julie Foucher has been to The CrossFit Games 3 times and finished 2nd in 2012. This video is a friendly reminder that we all start somewhere and it takes perseverance to get to the next level. Julie is an unbelievable athlete and person who continues to inspire the CrossFit Community.

Here’s a more recent vid of Julie crushing Open Workout 13.4

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