Why Your Affirmations Might Not Be Working

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Positive affirmations are great. I have given you tons of tips on how to speak more positively and why it will help you. But, theres something you need to know. Your affirmations are not nearly as powerful (and they may not help at all), if you don’t make physical changes.

  • What I mean, is that if you are going to tell yourself over and over again “I can do this, I am strong, I am capable…” then you better roll your shoulders back, lift your head up and walk with confidence.

Positive affirmations that are paired with actual physical changes are far more powerful. If you don’t feel like your affirmations are helping, then take a look at your body language and make the necessary changes. You can speak, and act in a way that mirrors what you WANT to feel, and it often works.

Does your body language mirror what you are affirming to yourself?


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