Are You Intimidated?


If you’re feeling intimidated before a WOD or an event, you have already had an unproductive shift in your focus.

You begin to feel intimidated when you are focusing on the reputation and skills of other athletes. You begin to feel intimidated when you focus on who will be watching or what the movements are. You may feel intimidated before going into a new box or when you are thinking about how good athletes are.

  • The moment you feel intimidated, you must recognize that your focus has shifted to other people or your environment and away from yourself, your purpose and your game plan. You make yourself intimidated by focusing on all the factors you can’t control and by letting them control you.
  • Instead, choose to bring your focus back to what you want to do and your strengths and abilities.

Each time you feel “intimidated”, remember that thinking isn’t helping you, but you can become confident if you have practiced the using the right tools and strategies.


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