How To Get What You Want


You want to start coaching at your new box, but you assume that there are no open spots for you.

You want to hire a coach to help you program your workouts, but you don’t know if he or she does that or not.

You really want to interview a particular Games Athlete about how his or her diet, but you’re afraid they won’t respond to your email.

You convince yourself that it isn’t worth asking, or that the answer will be no. You sit around and wonder, while others are being proactive and going after what they want.

You want to know the secret to building amazing relationships, having your dream job and being the best athlete you can be?

  • Ask for what you want. Instead of assuming the answer is no, assuming someone is too busy, or assuming they won’t respond anyway…just ask.

Want to know how the best athletes, coaches and box owners got where they are? They asked others for help, asked for opinions and asked for what they wanted.

If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

If you want to be your best, you have to start asking for what you want.

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