What Type of CrossFitter Do You Want To Be?

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Most of us have a few role models who we look up to and try to emulate, and these can give us a good look at some of the things that we want to achieve in life.

  • Write down your top 5 “CrossFit Role Models”  – These are athletes in the community (or in your box) that inspire you and that you want to be more like
  • Now, write down the traits of your top five role models that you want to emulate. What characteristics make them stand out to you? Think about each person, and write down the qualities that define them and that you look up to

The more you can understand what type of CrossFitter you want to be, the better.  Each WOD you are given the opportunity to act MORE like your role models, or LESS like them. How you act in training will carry over to how you act in life. What type of CrossFitter do you want to be?



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