Learn From The Athletes: Rich & Dan Go Swimming

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Watch the video below where Rich Froning and Dan Bailey talk about the importance of mental toughness. These guys constantly find ways to challenge themselves both mentally and physically. You have to try new things to be your best. You have to look for things that others aren’t willing to do, and dive on in.

If you don’t want to take the time to watch it all just take a look at 2:18-4:00


Takeaways From This Video

1. Notice how Rich responds when he is asked about the “cold water” – Read why this is so important & how to improve your reaction to uncomfortable conditionsĀ HERE

2. Notice how they dive right into the water. Do you think that the water is warmer for them than it would be for you? No… it’s just that they choose to perceive it differently than most people who would just stand there and bitch. Read more HERE

3. Do you want to improve your mental strength? Read THIS

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