Do You Have Routines or Rituals?

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Routines vs. Rituals

The purpose of routines is to prepare you to perform. Everything you do in a routine serves a specific function in getting yourself ready. Routines can be adjusted and you can adapt them depending on your situation and environment. Routines are flexible and you control them. If you do something that helps you feel more physically, or mentally prepared, then that is a good thing and you probably want to do that consistently before a WOD.

Rituals, on the other hand do not have any specific purpose in WOD prep. They are inflexible and superstitious. If you feel like your ritual must be done, or you don’t believe that you can perform well…it has control of your mentality. You must remain in control by staying relaxed and focused.

  • Seek out routines, not rituals. Stay consistent, yet flexible, and always know your purpose.


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