CrossFit Coach: From Good to Great

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There are good coaches, and there are great coaches. Although there is no such thing as “a perfect coach”, you can absolutely do things to set yourself apart from others. If you want to be the best, you have to continue to find ways to expand your mind. Yes, it is important that you train and get hands-on experience as a CrossFitter, but you also must continue to grow and learn.

If you want to go from good to great…

1. Seek it out – Don’t wait for new ideas to trickle down to you.  Actively look for new information and set time aside to read, listen, network, talk to mentors and attend workshops. You have to make time each week to gather new ideas and strategies.

2. Avoid getting in a rut – Don’t just read the same websites and listen to the way one coach does things. Too many coaches are afraid to try new techniques, and switch up how they coach. Read multiple theories and different opinions. Strive for variety and change. Attend classes at a university. Grab certifications from various associations.

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