Resilience Building Part II

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Resilience is the ability to remain composed, confident, and consistent in the face of errors. A resilient athlete is one who can quickly let go of errors, and return to the present; s/he uses the error as an opportunity to learn and improve.
The athlete who is not resilient, will dwell on the mistake, be unable to stay in the present, and his/her performance will be inconsistent.
Solomon and Becker (2004) created a four-step process which athletes can use to deal with performance errors. The sequence is as follows.
A = Acknowledge the error and the frustration it has caused
R = Review the play and determine how and why the error occurred
S = Strategize a plan to make the necessary corrections for the future
E = Execute and prepare for the next play
Let me give that to you in my language –
  • If you’re in a WOD, or you just finished up a WOD and you are pissed or frustrated, accept your emotions. You’re allowed to be annoyed and angry that things didn’t go quite how you wanted them to. Stop, chill, figure out what went wrong and what you can do to improve for next time (or next round, etc.). Simplify your errors. Then, get right back to your positive self-talk, mantras and prep routines so that you can move on.
The more you can practice this is training, and in your daily life…the easier it will be to bounce back and be resilient when it really matters.
Solomon, G., & Becker, A. (2004). Focused for fastpitch: 80 drills to play and stay sharp. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics
Want to improve your mental strength so that you can get through tough WODs?
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