Search For Your Comfort Zone

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If you could always train in your ideal environment, you’d probably have kick-ass workouts more often. If you always trained in your home box, with your best friends and your favorite coach, you’d feel like you’re in the zone more often. Imagine if each time you trained, the temperature was perfect, there were no distractions or annoyances around you, you felt no extra stress, and you were completely comfortable with the demands of the WOD. We all have “internal comfort zones” where we perform our best.

Now, let’s talk more realistically. You are going to be in training or competitive situations where you begin to feel a bit outside of your “comfort zone”.  Some athletes will get caught up thinking about all of the things that they aren’t used to, and that make them feel uneasy.

Here’s what I want you to do anytime you find yourself thinking about all the things you would change about your environment (training or competition)

  • Look around you and start listing all the things that you are used to, and that are comforting to you. Sometimes you have to search harder than others, but…you will find them. Keep listing them in your head, and you’ll slowly start to realize that you can find comfort in any crazy environment. 

You can either think about all the things that are putting you outside of your comfort zone, or you can find things that you’re used to, comfortable with, and that put your mind at ease. Which type of thoughts do you think will help you lift more and move faster?



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