Stop Talking About The Weather

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Just to let you know, I often laugh when I spit out titles for my posts. Sometimes, I wonder where I even come up with this stuff. 

You know how often we talk about the weather? It’s the perfect topic when you have nothing else to say. It’s a common, universal subject that we can all relate to. It’s also one of the most “bitched about” things in the world.

As a coach, I am used to hearing complaints about the weather. There have been days where I have heard hundreds of complaints and comments about something pertaining to the weather.

Here’s your challenge

  • Stop complaining about the weather altogether. Don’t comment on the hot, cold or rainy conditions…just accept them. Stop bitching about and resisting certain weather conditions, and just “be” in them,  and experience them for what they are. The weather doesn’t change, but your reaction does. 
  • When you stop resisting, you’ll find that you become more comfortable and eventually your resistance fades away.
  • After all, when people say “it’s soo hot” or “it’s too cold”, what do they even mean? They mean it’s colder or hotter than their expectation. There is no hot, or cold. There is no positive or negative. The weather has no quality, except for the labels you give it.

To be your best, you must be able to be comfortable in every environment and in any condition. Begin training your mind to accept and embrace your surroundings, by changing your perspective

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