Learn From The Athlete: Gretchen Kittelberger Interview

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If I see a CrossFitter do or say something positive, negative, or share-worthy, I’ll break down the situation and give you some tips so that you can improve your mental game. I’ll try to attach videos, pictures and articles to the posts, so that you can really learn from these CrossFitters. These posts will be categorized with the tag “learn from the athlete” so that you can reference them anytime.

Watch the video below where CrossFit Games Athlete Gretchen Kittelberger talks about her Mental Game. She mentions focus, burn-out, pressure, expectations, and her mindset going into The 2012 Regionals and Games. She clearly understands the mental component of this sport and she has proven over and over that she is well-rounded badass.


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Follow Gretchen on her Twitter Account HERE – she is a great example in the CrossFit Community and I love her positive mentality and how she approaches her training.

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