Learn From The Athlete: Dave Lipson Interview

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If I see a CrossFitter do something positive, negative, or share-worthy, I’ll break down the situation and give you some tips so that you can improve your mental game. I’ll try to attach videos, pictures and articles to the posts, so that you can really learn from these CrossFitters. These posts will be categorized with the tag “learn from the athlete” so that you can reference them anytime.

  • Watch this video from 1:20 – 4:10

Notice how Dave talks about his mental error of moving too fast because competition got the best of him. He is aware of his mistakes from the day before and then recognizes that he needs to only focus on what he can control – Even though the day before didn’t go how well he would have liked it to because of his mental errors…he was able to gather himself and bring his focus back to his effort and let go of the uncontrollable factors

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