Use Your 2 Minds To Make You A Better CrossFitter


Close your eyes for 30 seconds and try not to think of anything at all… (waiting)….

I’m sure you failed miserably. If you were able to observe your thoughts, you were probably thinking about what WOD you are going to do later, what website you want to browse next, what conversation you had earlier or what’s for lunch. The constant chatter in your mind almost never slows down.

When you closed your eyes and tried not to think of anything…obviously your mind was still thinking.

But, then who was observing your mind thinking?

This is often referred to as “the thinking mind” and “the observing mind. 2 different minds.

Okay, enough of that psychobabble, let’s get to the point. I know, I know, you want to be better at CrossFit, not a master of Psychology.

Try this

  • Instead of saying “I’m angry about my performance,” say “I feel angry about my performance.
  • Instead of “I am nervous about the upcoming event,” say “I am feeling nervous about the upcoming event”


See you are “feeling” those emotions, you are not them. Changing the way you phrase these thoughts implies that the negative emotions are temporary and it forces you to take ownership of them (instead of them of you). 


  1. You FEEL anger or nervousness (or any other negative emotion), but you don’t have to be controlled by it
  2. We will all have negative emotions or thoughts, some of us will be controlled by them, some of us will fight to not let them CONTROL us
  3. Emotions are not always a choice, but our behavior and responses to feelings are
  4. You choose whether you identify with your thinking mind and your emotions…or whether you accept them and move on any way

Got it? Good.

Want to know more tips that will help your mind work for you. If you want to be stronger, faster, or better all around, you have to keep working on your mentality.


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