Ask Coach: “What do I do if I can’t stand people waiting around to cheer me on?”

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Question: What do I do if I can’t stand people waiting around to cheer me on (after most people have already finished the WOD)?

My Quick Answer: Honestly, you might be surprised, but I hear this all the time. A lot of people get uncomfortable when others are cheering for them at the end of the WOD. If this is you, you have to remember what you want out of your training. During the end of a WOD, if you are feeling “annoyed” or “uncomfortable” because others are encouraging you, block them out by focusing on the positive thoughts and remind yourself of your goals.

You don’t improve by stopping, or by getting flustered or annoyed. You improve by staying calm, focused and driven.


If this really bothers you, and it is negatively impacting your mentality, check out these 3 suggestions

1. Try to figure out why. What makes you uncomfortable? Why do you get annoyed at people encouraging you? Why does it bother you so much?

2. Remind yourself of all of the benefits of training in a group environment and a CrossFit community. Remind yourself that the positives, far outweigh the negatives.

3. If you can’t seem to improve your mindset about this, and it is really messing with your training…seek coaching to learn how to fix it ( You also may want to try training alone for some time, or changing your environment…group CrossFit classes might not be working best for you at this time.

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2 thoughts on “Ask Coach: “What do I do if I can’t stand people waiting around to cheer me on?”

  • CR

    If you are uncomfortable because this is happening consistently, maybe the WOD needs to be scaled more appropriately so that everyone finishes within a shorter time from each other and you get the chance to cheer on others too. Another option is to attend sessions with AMRAPS where this isn’t an issue.

  • MentalityWOD Post author

    I agree, if this is regularly happening and an athlete is discouraged it would be important for the athlete and the coach to scale more appropriately for particular WODs – Very good advice CR