Learn From The Athlete: Dani Horan At The CrossFit Games


If I see a CrossFitter do something positive, negative, or share-worthy, I’ll break down the situation and give you some tips so that you can improve your mental game. I’ll try to attach videos, pictures and articles to the posts, so that you can really learn from these CrossFitters. These posts will be categorized with the tag “learn from the athlete” so that you can reference them anytime.

  • Danielle Horan made her debut at The CrossFit Games this year and she crushed it. I’ve been coaching this badass athlete, and I can say that her mental game was dialed in all weekend. It was awesome to see her execute strategies that we have worked on together. There are many things that she did better than her competition (finished 18th in the world), but I’ll highlight one for you today.

The pic above is from the last event when Dani simply crushed the deadlifts, pistols and handstand walks. She finished first, then she gathered herself and sat down to catch her breath, relax, and recenter before the 2nd part of the WOD. Most other athletes paced and acted flustered during this short break. Some athletes walked around, talked to others, went to get their gear or even just stood around looking annoyed at how they finished part 1. Danielle followed the plan, and regained her composure while others looked like they had no plan at all.


  • Anytime you get a break between WODs or rounds, try to separate yourself from others and relax your mind and your body. During the few seconds, or minutes that you get, calm your breathing, do a quick body check (to make sure your shoes are tied, your gear is ready, and that you take care of any distractions or annoyances) and come back to your mantras.
  • Remind yourself of your plan for the next set, and  focus on what you need to do to be successful. Remind yourself that the past is over (regardless of how you performed) and you can not change it. 

Video of The Day

Check out Dani’s testimonial and a bit more about her story


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