Identify Your Crew


Take a few minutes to identify who is in your inner circle. Write down the names of the people who you go to when you want to share something that‘s on your mind.  This is your crew. They are the people who provide you with at least one of the four major types of support.

These are the people that you trust will listen and who will try to understand whatever it is that you’re going through.  Hopefully, these individuals also come to you when they need support. The people on this list may change over time, yet you should be able to easily identify people who are a major part of your life right now. You may go to different people to talk about different aspects of your life, and that is okay.

  • Lean on these people, share your struggles and joys, celebrate with them, ask for their feedback, grow with them

The people who are most important to me, are saved on my “favorites” list on my iphone. If I have a few free minutes, I glance at the list to see who I haven’t talked to recently, and call them (even just very quickly).

These “inner circle” relationships are important, and we must take the time to nurture them.

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