Mentally Preparing For A Max Effort Lift w/ Katie Hogan

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Interview with Katie Hogan

Coach Dawn: Why do you think people miss big lifts?

Katie Hogan: I think a lot of times athletes are not fully prepared for what they are about to do. Their body may have practiced it plenty of times, but there is a mental focus and intensity that is necessary for successfully executing heavy lifts. Just watch any competitive lifter (Power or Olympic) and you will see the mental side of successful lifting.

Coach Dawn: What do you see as the biggest mistake CrossFitters make when approaching a barbell for a max effort?

Katie Hogan: In training, I see some athletes rush their set-up. Physically they are skipping over key preparations and just getting straight to the movement. I try to get athletes to visualize their lift from start to finish several times before approaching the bar. This way it slows them down and gets their mind prepared. Then they can more imagine both the technical side of the movement as well as the energy and explosiveness that is necessary as well.


What strategies do you use to stay focused before a lift? Comment below with your favorite routines.

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