Too Embarrassed or Timid To Lift Next To Someone Strong?


You’re starting to get ready for the WOD and you know Sarah has a stronger Deadlift than you, so you take your bar to the other end of the room.

You’re lining up to run 200m sprints, but you notice the fastest guy in the class is next to you…so you move down a few spots.

You don’t feel comfortable working on your Olympic Lifts with stronger guys, so you skip out on the extra training session.

  • The number one reason you should train next to people who are stronger, faster or better than you…is because it makes you uncomfortable. Maybe you’ll perform better, maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll push harder, maybe you won’t. But, if you feel timid, nervous, or you’re afraid you’ll be embarassed…then you need to face those situations. 
  • Each time you feel a little fear, you have to remind yourself that putting yourself in uncomfortable situations is what will help you develop mental strength. The best way to find your limit is to continue to expose yourself and to face all of your fears and worries.

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