The Quickest Way To Crush Your Anxious, Stressful Thoughts

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You’re on your way to work and your mind is racing. You’re having a nerve-wracking day, or you just feel frustrated with everything. Your body is tense and you are stressed about what’s next.

Maybe you’re getting ready for an event, but you can’t stop freaking out. Maybe you’re rushing around and you feel anxious about your day.


Here’s what you can do. Try this tip, it works

I call it “Find One” 

  • Anytime you catch yourself feeling stressed, or anxious, close your eyes and say to yourself, “find one.”
  • When you open your eyes, look around…and find one thing that you can be thankful for or amazed by.

Often, it feels challenging to find one positive, but you can do it. Just a simple shift of your focus can remind you that everything will be okay.

There are beautiful things, opportunities and people all around us, we just need to tune into them.


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