When The Need To Win Becomes Too Much


Do you want to win at all costs? In all situations? When it matters, when it doesn’t and when it’s totally irrelevant?

Wanting and needing to win no matter what you are doing…can actually limit your success and have negative impacts on you and your performance.

The desire to win is definitely what makes a good athlete, great…but it can also cause great athletes to stumble and struggle. Winning and succeeding are awesome. I want to challenge you with some questions

  • Do you need to win every discussion or argument? Does your competitiveness roll over to your job, and negatively affect your relationships? Do you ever catch yourself cutting corners, breaking the rules, or being just a little dishonest so that you can come out on top? Are you preoccupied and consumed with winning?

Your “need to win” attitude may be having negative impacts on you inside and outside of the box. The most successful athletes are able to turn it on in competition, and turn it off outside of it.

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One thought on “When The Need To Win Becomes Too Much

  • Curtis Faulk (@CurtisFaulk)

    I don’t need to win in every instance and do not believe in absolute perfection. I do believe in excellence and striving for such – be better today than yesterday and if that is good enough to win and be the best, enjoy the victory and continue moving forward. Never let winning stand in the way of excellence.