How To Be More Present To Get The Most Out Of WODs

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The more present you are, the more focus and energy you’ll have. It is very rare to give anything your full and absolute attention.

Most people spend their time at the box in internal monologues of worry, future plans and self-criticism.  The coach may be instructing you on how to improve your Clean, and all you can think of is what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. Your mind might be preparing your response or answer while the coach is still trying to explain to you how you could move better.

  • Practice giving your coach your full attention by really listening. To be fully present…tune into his or her words, body language and tone of voice.  Make eye contact, repeat what they are saying to yourself, and use your own body language to engage. *You should do this anytime you are in a conversation with someone and you feel your mind wandering.

This will help you to become more present and aware. You will be focusing on the now, blocking out distractions and worry and you’ll perform better in your WOD.

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