How To Deal With A Binge-Eating-Mental-Breakdown

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Have you ever went on an eating binge and then felt absolutely horrible the next day? You wake up feeling fat, lethargic, defeated, pissed, annoyed, gross, mad at yourself and negative about everything.

Those negative thoughts and emotions may cause you to temporarily give up on your healthy eating. You may go hours or days beating yourself up and even feeling worthless.

Yesterday, I went over Step 1 – Check it out HERE before you continue with this post

  • Step 2 – Commit to a small, tangible goal (read more HERE). Let someone in your inner circle know what you want to do, how you want to eat and why. Maybe you just need to give up sugar for 3 days. Maybe you can commit to no cheats for a week. Maybe you simply can commit to eating only real foods for one day. Whatever it is, make a commitment that you can handle and make sure that you have support. You’ll gain confidence by sticking to your goal and you’ll be back on track in no time, feeling better than ever.

What are you going to commit to? Comment below.



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