Ever Beat Yourself Up After Eating A Bunch of Crap?

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Have you ever went on an eating binge and then felt absolutely horrible the next day? You wake up feeling fat, lethargic, defeated, pissed, annoyed, gross, mad at yourself and negative about everything.

Those negative thoughts and emotions may cause you to temporarily give up on your healthy eating. You may go hours or days beating yourself up and even feeling worthless.


Step 1: Start talking to yourself as if you were talking to your best friend. You would never call that person “worthless, fat, gross, disgusting or incapable. I hope not anyway. Start encouraging yourself just how you would encourage your friend. Comfort yourself. Remind yourself that it is behind you and that tomorrow is a new day. Be kind with yourself and remember that you’re worth it. Remind yourself of how much better of a person you are when you are positive and making healthy choices.

For step 2, click HERE.


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