Ask Coach: “How Do I Improve My Mental Game?”


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Question: How do I improve my mental game?

My 2 Minute Answer: Well……

Trying to quickly answer “how do I improve my mental game?” is like trying to quickly explain “how do I get better at CrossFit?”

  • You can’t ever stop training and conditioning your thoughts. You must recognize that mental conditioning is just like physical conditioning. If you want to get better, you have to do it correctly, and do it consistently.
  • Find a coach, book, mentor, blog or website that you regularly follow for advice and tips (aka This source will help you improve your perspective, thought patterns, outlook, and all the other intangible factors. You must take action and prioritize mental training above any other aspect of your program. I truly believe that this is the catalyst to success in CrossFit and life.
  • Once you find a few great sources to follow…spend time each day reading, learning, growing, practicing and challenging yourself to improve your mental game.

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