Breathe It In, Breathe It Out

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Check out yesterday’s post “What Causes You To Be Tense” before you go any further.

Now that you have a better idea of the type of situations, environments, people or WODs that cause you to be tense, you can practice strategies that will calm you down

Each time you inhale, you can imagine bringing in more of a desirable outcome or emotion – Ex: happiness, calmness, peacefulness, gratitude, relaxation, joy, etc.

Each time you exhale, you can imagine pushing out or letting go of an undesirable outcome or emotion – Ex: anxiety, nervousness, stress, tension, anger, pain, discomfort, etc.

  • Next time you feel tense (or any other crappy feeling or emotion) take deep breaths in and imagine that you are bringing in the good stuff….then push deep breaths out and imagine that you are letting go of the bad stuff. Continue to do this until you feel more calm, at ease, relaxed, content and grounded. 


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