What Causes You To Be Tense?

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You may wonder how you can use music or self-talk to calm yourself down when you are feeling stressed. I give you all sorts of strategies on this site about how to relax and control your emotions when you are tense or anxious. You can use self-talk, visualization/imagery, the support of others, reading or writing to help you relax.

BUT, do not focus on learning all of these strategies if you do not know where the emotion is coming from.

  • What situations cause you to be tense? When do you find yourself feeling too worked up? What WODs or environments make you stressed or anxious?
  • Before you practice certain mental strategies or tricks, you must dig a bit deeper. Part of developing a stronger mentality is learning what causes particular emotions and thoughts (not just how to control them).
  • Each time you are learning HOW to control a particular thought or emotion, make sure you spend time finding out WHY you think or feel that particular way


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