Commit and Follow Through

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Do you hold yourself back because you are afraid of change? Do you find yourself not giving a WOD or your training program your full effort? Do you know you need an accountability structure, but you’re afraid to commit? Are you afraid of failure…or success?

You have to have a clear intention for WHY you are doing something, in order to really succeed. If you’re ready to take it to the next level, you need to train deliberately and give a program your full effort.  This level of commitment will bring you the rewards you’re looking for.

Can you imagine what could happen if you really committed yourself to something or someone?

1. Commit to a coach, a program, or a plan with your full effort. Go all in, make a contract, write down why it’s important to you, pay, set up a reward structure..etc

2. Follow through with it! Take it one day at a time and go after the plan with everything you have. Remind yourself each and every moment that you can why you want it, and what it’s going to do for you and your life.

What would happen if you failed? What would happen if you succeeded?

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