Get Back To Basics

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Do you feel like you have too much going on? Feeling stressed or anxious? Are you going around and around thinking about all the stuff you have to do to feel, perform or look better?  Do you want to improve your health, but you can’t seem to get started?

When you feel overwhelmed or like you have stumbled off the right path, you have to get back to basics. Don’t start thinking about all the things you have to do to be the absolute best you, just get back to focusing on 3 key things. After you dial in these 3 components, you’ll be able to take on anything that faces you. These 3 key things directly impact your mentality and make a huge difference.

1. Quality Nutrition – Focus on eating real whole foods, and drinking tons of water – Get rid of the sugar, processed foods, grains, dairy, legumes and alcohol –  A couple of days of clean, strict eating will drastically improve your mindset

2. Quality Rest – Focus on removing the excess from your schedule so that you can get on a solid sleep schedule – Turn off your brain (and electronics) an hour before bed and focus on getting at least 7 hours of rest each night – take a nap during the day if you can

3. Quality Relationships – Focus on tuning into your spirituality and your meaningful relationships – This will keep you grounded and remind you of what’s important – Read about why your inner circle matters so much HERE 

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