You Don’t Have Time For Mental Training?

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Sometimes, I’ll suggest that you journal before or after a WOD about your thoughts, energy, mood and emotions. Occasionally, I’ll give you imagery drills to do, or ask you to spend time relaxing your body and mind. I will encourage you to have challenging conversations, take breaks, make time to review goals and checklists, and even to pick up new activities.  I tell people to hire a coach and to spend time reviewing specific mental strategies for overcoming setbacks or obstacles.

These suggestions are all part of mental training. I realize some of you may be thinking,  “Who has time for any of that?”

  • Who has time to prep food? Drink water? Mobilize? Shop for gear? The people who know what it takes. The people who are willing to go above and beyond because they realize they can’t be their best without improving the intangibles. These people know that it takes consistency and effort to make real, positive changes. You’ll never know how much some of these drills or tips work, unless you do them.


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