Stop Them Before They Leave

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Coaching Tip: Occasionally I will post tips specifically for the coaches out there. If you’re not a coach,  you will still be able to use them to improve as a teammate or training partner.

  • Don’t let athletes leave the box if they are clearly discouraged or upset after a WOD. Stop them before they leave, and try your damnedest to pick them up a little.

A few tips

  • Give the athlete a few minutes to cool down and shake it off before you approach him or her
  • Try saying something like, “Geeze, that was a tough one wasn’t it? You doin alright?” or  “Hey, I’m proud of you for being here and giving that WOD your everything”
  • Remind the athlete of all of the PRs and improvements he or she has had and will continue to have
  • Give the person a hug, high five or pat on the back – Sometimes, the ‘non-verbal’ approach is the best way to let someone know that you understand and care

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