Do You Hate Running? Do You Suck At It?

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Do you see the WOD, then pick the thing you “hate” the most because you “suck” at it?

First, you must realize that your current perspective isn’t helping you at all.

Second, recognize that you can change HOW you look at things.

Lastly, improve your outlook.

There are millions of ways to view a situation, here are a few ways to fix that “no-good” perspective:

1. Accept that the movement is important to do and good for you

2. Decide that you’re not horrible at it, you just want to be better than you are

3. Be glad it was programmed, so you can work on it

4. Choose to love it and embrace it

Everything is harder when you have negative self-talk and a bad attitude.

Fight like hell to change your mindset.





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