How To Deal With Pain To Be “Mentally Tough”

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Read the last 2 tips before you go any further #117 & #118 (this will make a lot more sense if you take 2 mins to read em) –  You’ll learn why I think that mental strength is better than mental toughness and about why there are so many misleading teachings out there on mental toughness.

Obviously, one of the best ways to build mental strength is to push through uncomfortable WODs. To be okay with being cold, hot, in a little pain, panting for breath, achy, tired, etc. The more you can deal with some sort of physical pain or discomfort, the more likely you’ll be able to get more out of your workouts (*obviously there is a point when you need to listen to your body).

  • But, pretending that you don’t have any emotional or psychological pain or discomfort is NOT COOL. Again, you are a human being, no person in this world gets by without being hurt or having to deal with crappy situations in life. 
  • Chasing the uncomfortable is what will make you strong and “mentally tough”. Again, that means dealing with emotional pain or hurt and going through a healing process… that doesn’t mean continuing to push on while suppressing or hiding it
  • Do not be under the assumption that it is cool and tough to not have any problems, pain, hurt (from the past), or anxiety. That is the furthest thing from the truth. It is impossible to get the most out of yourself when you are pretending, hiding, acting and constantly covering things up and shoving them down. It is so much cooler, and tougher and it will make you SO much better to deal, cope, be real, face, share, embrace, relate, open up and begin to realize that we are all the same.
  • Change your mind about what you think is “mentally tough” and take steps to be a real badass who’s willing to deal with what most people won’t – physical and mental discomfort.

– Woah, that got a little deep and serious. Sorry about that, sometimes I get a little fired up. Now go hit your WOD and keep this post in mind.


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