Embrace Fear To Improve Mental Strength

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This week’s tips are all about how to get mentally tough, but maybe not in the way you have tried to be in the past. Make sure you have read yesterday’s tip about why I think that athletes who try to be “mentally tougher” are actually hurting their performance and their mentality.

Read yesterday’s post HERE before you read anymore of this

  • Be okay with fear. If you feel it, it is real to you and instead of acting like everything is fine reach out to your family or friends. Fear is a shared experience — we ALL have fears. You may think that being “fearless” makes you “mentally tough”, but the thing is, you can’t fake it.
  • Your fears might be small like wondering what someone will think of you or how they’ll perceive you if you don’t do the workout prescribed. They may be bigger and always on your mind, but you are constantly trying to shut them off so that you can act like everything is okay.

Being okay with being afraid (even if it’s just a little) is the first step to overcoming it. To improve your mental strength you can embrace your fear, talk it out, and figure out ways to get through it.


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