Use Imagery To Relax Before a WOD


The use of imagery involves seeing and feeling yourself moving through actions in your mind. If you’re the type of person who gets extremely worked up, freaked out or nervous before a WOD, you should practice imagining yourself getting into a calm and relaxed state.

When you regularly practice imagining yourself stay cool and collected, you’ll find it easier to tap into that mentality when the time comes.

Here is a script to help those of you who want to practice being more calm before a WOD or competition.

  • You have just finished your warm-up routine and are just a few of minutes away from the start of the WOD…You close your eyes and gather your thoughts…You are resting your body and ready for the start of the WOD…Your heart rate begins to slow…as you concentrate on controlling your breathing…You breathe in slowly…and deeply…and smoothly as you release any nervous thoughts from your mind…Your muscles begin to relax…you can feel the tension slowly being released…You continue to breathe very slowly and your heart rate becomes even slower…you relax further…You are comfortable and calm…Your muscles are loose and you relax even more…As the WOD gradually moves closer, you’re able to remain calm, tranquil and you feel prepared.  

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