How To Use Imagery & How It Helps

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To become proficient in the use of imagery you have to use it often. The use of imagery involves seeing and feeling yourself moving through actions in your mind. If you want to be your best in WODs, you should use it on your way to training, during training and after training. The best athletes can quickly use imagery whenever they need it. In every WOD, before you execute any skill or combination of skills, first do it in imagery.  In competitions, you should use imagery before the start of your event and see yourself performing successfully.

Use imagery to

  • increase your motivation
  • reduce negative thoughts
  • refocus on what’s important
  • improve your confidence
  • get calm or get pumped
  • learn a new skill

This week I will be giving you imagery scripts, as well as tips on how to use imagery so that you can perform better, more consistently.

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