Turn Off Your CrossFit Thoughts

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Make sure you have read the last 4 tips, which have all been on how to become more balanced, so that you can put more into your workouts, and get more out of them. I seriously believe that the individuals that can balance their time and energy outside of the box, are going to be the ones who are hitting PRs and improving inside the box.

  • Make sure you set limits on how much CrossFit-related stuff you are doing outside of the box (especially if you are a coach or owner). It is easy to get caught up searching the web and watching videos on The CF Journal. You can spend hours each day stalking all of the other fitness geeks on twitter, facebook and instagram. Maybe your significant other or roommate is a junkie as well, so it’s all you talk about.
  • Set aside time to do your CrossFit-related stuff, but don’t go overboard. There are actually a lot of other interesting things to talk about, read, watch, and learn about (believe it or not).

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