Stop Saying Yes to Everything & Everyone

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Is everything you do either mentally or physically demanding?

Are you always trying to get more done, in less time?

If this is you, you’ve gotta stop committing to so much, putting more on your schedule and saying yes to everything and everyone. This week’s tips are about how to improve your life-balance so that you can focus better and give more to your WODs. The less stressed and rushed you are, the better your body will feel.

  • If you constantly feel wiped and like you have too much going on, tell those around you that you are trying to improve your time-management, and may have to say no to certain invitations.
  • Let them know that you simply have too much going on and just need to refocus and limit your commitments. Be honest about needing some downtime.
  • If you let other people know you are working on something (like your life-balance), you will take the pressure off of yourself and begin to feel better instantly.


You can’t do it all, and at times, we all need to pull back, slow down, and check our priorities.

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