When It’s Tough To Give Your Best

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There are a lot of factors that will determine if you are able to push harder or focus better in a WOD.  There is a lot more to mental performance training besides learning how to use positive mantras. You have to focus on improving your nutrition and recovery strategies, so that you are able to push through the toughest WODs. You have to work on managing your life stress so that you can give each WOD your everything. You have to improve your daily balance so that you can focus and get in the zone when it matters the most.

These factors are too often overlooked.

There is no quick fix or special mental strategy that will help you consistently perform your best if you are eating crap, under-rested, or over-stressed.

If you don’t live a balanced-life, you will find it hard to persevere, and be confident, calm and focused during WODs.

  • You can’t give your best to your workouts, when you are giving too much of your energy to too many damn other things. You can’t take great care of others, if you are exhausted, stressed and unhealthy.  Stop and think about how much you are trying to do and how you could benefit from being more balanced.

Bottom Line: Don’t look for quick fixes to a bigger problem. Get focused on your priorities if you want to take your fitness to the next level. Read the article of the day to find out how

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