Re-center and Chill


If you are able to handle a negative situation in a positive way, you will be a much better athlete and person. If you start getting annoyed, flustered or pissed at someone or something, you need to be able to quickly re-center yourself and become grounded. Let everyone else get caught up and freak out as you chill and let the situation roll by.

  • Visualize yourself getting disturbed in the middle of a WOD or imagine training against a competitor and seeing them cheat through reps. Imagine a few scenarios that you know would get under your skin. Then, imagine yourself taking a deep breath and saying “to be my best, I must stay in my zone”. Imagine yourself keeping it together, and not showing any visible signs that you are flustered or annoyed. 
  • You can imagine any uncomfortable situation in a WOD, competition or in your everyday life. You can continue to visualize how you would remain calm and centered and handle anything with ease and poise. Each time you act with balance and you stay grounded, you will be rewarded.


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