Tip For Teams Going Into Competition

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If you are on a team that is going to The Games, or plans on competing together, you will want to do whatever you can to gain a mental edge on your competition. Here is a quick strategy to help improve synergy, unity, spirit, and confidence.

Try this with your team prior to an important event

  • The team should sit in a circle and each athlete will tell the person to their right what he/she thinks is awesome about that person. Athletes should be very specific about what attributes, qualities, and skills they appreciate about each other. 
  • A comment like,  “I love how you prepare for the WODS, your focus and intensity really inspires me” is better than a comment like “You train hard”.
  • When you have gone all the way around the circle with positive comments, reverse the direction and do it again. Then each person will give the coach or coaches a comment or affirmation.

It will feel great to give and receive positive feedback, and this drill will help build camaraderie.


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