How To Do A Quick Body-Scan

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During a WOD, you should be paying close attention to your tension level and training form.

When you are doing a longer WOD, you will have a chance to do a body scan. I recommend doing a scan from head to toe to check if you can relax any of the tension in your muscles. If you can at any point during a WOD, take a few seconds and ask yourself questions like; “Are the muscles in my face relaxed? – Can I release some tension in my neck or shoulders? – Am I clenching my fists when I could be conserving that energy?”

  • If you are going to be doing a single movement (running, rowing, burpees, biking, etc.) or WOD that requires a lot endurance, you need to continue to scan your body to see if there is anything that you can relax a little to save some energy.


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