Know It Will Pass

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If you have trained most of your life, or played sports, you know that pain (that is not related to an injury) is often fleeting. It comes and goes. Just knowing that the pain will not last forever is sometimes enough to push through it.

In order to ride out that unpleasant and uncomfortable feeling you get in the middle of the WOD, you have to talk yourself out of it. The athletes that do this are able to persevere when things feel ‘tough’ and they are going to get the most out of themselves.

During difficult moments, you have to put the pain in perspective (don’t be stupid, obviously stop if you are feeling like you have injured yourself). Remind yourself that the discomfort is temporary, and that if you can keep moving, you will reach the finish. Keeping this in mind will enable you to push through, so you can move faster and finish the WOD.


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