Tell Somebody

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Do you really want to make something happen, but you’re just not as committed as you want to be? Do you keep saying you are going to finally get a muscle-up, but you’re not on any consistent training plan? Are you struggling to make a change? Do you really want to look better or feel better, but you’re just not making the time to train?

  • Go tell someone, or a lot of people what you want to accomplish. Research shows that the more you tell others about your plans to make a change, the more likely you will do it.  Tell people what you want to happen, what you expect out of yourself and ask them to check up on you (all the freaking time).
  • If I really want something to happen, I ask my support team to be all over me about it. If you can, form an online community, create a facebook group, or write a blog so that you have to check in with others on a regular basis.


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