Pick Yourself Up

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How much do you beat yourself up after you miss a lift or struggle with a movement? Most athletes have been guilty of saying harsh things to themselves…some way more than others.

Berating yourself for messing up is obviously not great for your confidence. You may not even realize how quickly your self-talk turns negative after a mistake, and how much it impacts your ability to perform.

Try these 2 tips and see if you can improve your self-talk after a setback or mess up.

1. Think about what you would say to a teammate or a training partner if you were coaching them. The same words that you would say to that person, you might want to start saying to yourself. – “It’s fine, you were really pushing your limits, that’s why that happened, now get up there and try it again.” 

2. Think about what a positive coach would say to you (or has said to you in the past). List a few of his/her coaching cues or statements that have worked for you. Write these down in your journal so you can memorize them. – “Shake it off, you’ve got this, just focus on the next set.”

  • Stop beating yourself up for a little error or mistake and pick yourself up by using positive coaching statements.


I want to hear from you! Email info@mentalitywod.com right now if you this site has helped you or any of these tips have really made a difference in your training.


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3 thoughts on “Pick Yourself Up

  • MentalityWOD Post author

    Scott – everyone knows that they are SUPPOSED to speak positively to themselves…but sometimes it just doesnt happen. The key is knowing what statements and coaching cues work for you and having them ready when you catch yourself saying something shitty to yourself! Write them down and practice them when you feel your ‘negative voice’ start to creep in!

  • ryan

    My coach sent me this link and I find this true for myself. I joke around that I’m self deprecating when it comes to what I can do. After a while I begin to believe it. I never had much confidence in myself growing up that’s why I dig the cf scene everyone is so supportive. But after the first two months my performance took a dive and so did my confidence. I would find an excuse, diet/injury/routine but in the end its all mental I get that this article is essentially saying talk yourself up, but its hard when you’ve been talking yourself down for so long. I’m a work in progress.